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ConfGen Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void addAppOption (const QString &name, const QString &arg, const QString &var, const QString &desc)
void addDepOption (const QString &name, const QString &arg, const QString &var, const QString &desc)
void addOption (const QString &section, const QString &name, const QString &arg, const QString &var, const QString &desc)
QByteArray generate ()

Public Attributes

QList< ConfOptall
QList< ConfOptappopts
bool byoq
QList< ConfOptdepopts
QByteArray fileconfcpp
QByteArray fileconfh
QByteArray fileconfpro
QByteArray filemodulescpp
QByteArray filemodulesnewcpp
bool libmode
QList< ConfOptmainopts
QString name
QString profile
bool qt4
bool useBindir
bool useDatadir
bool useIncdir
bool useLibdir
bool usePrefix

Private Member Functions

QString createConfArgsSection ()
QString genConfArg (const QString &name, const QString &var, bool arg=true)
QString genDoQConf ()
QString genEmbeddedFile (const QString &name, const QByteArray &a)
QString genEmbeddedFiles ()
QString genFindStuff ()
QString genFooter ()
QString genHeader ()
QString genQt3Checks ()
QString genQt4Checks ()
QString genQtInfo ()
QString genRunExtra ()
QString genRunQMake ()
QString genUsage ()
QString genUsageSection (const QString &title, const QList< ConfUsageOpt > &list)
int getUsageIndent (const QList< ConfUsageOpt > list)
QList< ConfUsageOptoptsToUsage (const QList< ConfOpt > &list)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 183 of file qconf.cpp.

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