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// For license information, see the COPYING file in the qconf base directory.

#ifndef QC_CONF4_H
#define QC_CONF4_H

#include <QtCore>

class Conf;

enum VersionMode { VersionMin, VersionExact, VersionMax, VersionAny };

// ConfObj
// Subclass ConfObj to create a new configuration module.
class ConfObj
      Conf *conf;
      bool required;
      bool disabled;
      bool success;

      ConfObj(Conf *c);
      virtual ~ConfObj();

      // long or descriptive name of what is being checked/performed
      // example: "KDE >= 3.3"
      virtual QString name() const = 0;

      // short name
      // example: "kde"
      virtual QString shortname() const = 0;

      // string to display during check
      // default: "Checking for [name] ..."
      virtual QString checkString() const;

      // string to display after check
      // default: "yes" or "no", based on result of exec()
      virtual QString resultString() const;

      // this is where the checking code goes
      virtual bool exec() = 0;

// Conf
// Interact with this class from your ConfObj to perform detection
// operations and to output configuration parameters.
class Conf
      bool debug_enabled;
      QString qmake_path;
      QString maketool;

      QString DEFINES;
      QString INCLUDEPATH;
      QString LIBS;
      QString extra;

      QList<ConfObj*> list;
      QMap<QString,QString> vars;


      QString getenv(const QString &var);
      QString qvar(const QString &s);

      bool exec();

      void debug(const QString &s);

      QString expandIncludes(const QString &inc);
      QString expandLibs(const QString &lib);

      int doCommand(const QString &s, QByteArray *out = 0);
      int doCommand(const QString &prog, const QStringList &args, QByteArray *out = 0);

      bool doCompileAndLink(const QString &filedata, const QStringList &incs, const QString &libs, const QString &proextra, int *retcode = 0);
      bool checkHeader(const QString &path, const QString &h);
      bool findHeader(const QString &h, const QStringList &ext, QString *inc);
      bool checkLibrary(const QString &path, const QString &name);
      bool findLibrary(const QString &name, QString *lib);
      QString findProgram(const QString &prog);
      bool findSimpleLibrary(const QString &incvar, const QString &libvar, const QString &incname, const QString &libname, QString *incpath, QString *libs);
      bool findFooConfig(const QString &path, QString *version, QStringList *incs, QString *libs, QString *otherflags);
      bool findPkgConfig(const QString &name, VersionMode mode, const QString &req_version, QString *version, QStringList *incs, QString *libs, QString *otherflags);

      void addDefine(const QString &str);
      void addLib(const QString &str);
      void addIncludePath(const QString &str);
      void addExtra(const QString &str);

      bool first_debug;

      friend class ConfObj;
      void added(ConfObj *o);


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